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The Edsistance

Peach Creek

Peach Creek
AKA Cartoon
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Peach Creek... the one town that we all can relate to. Why, and how? It has the characters of the show in it! Anyone who watches the show can relate to nearly everything in Peach Creek.

But what is Peach Creek? It's defiantly a place we all know, yet don't at the same time. There's a hundred places it could be, one of them is the town you grew up in.

But where is it? That's another great question. The answer? Nobody knows. There's more than one Peach Creek in the world, so when you go to Google and look up "Peach Creek" in Google maps, you'll get a few results. Still, none of them is the Peach Creek. It might be somewhere without a Peach Creek town, as far as we know.

And lets not forget the layout. You see the cul-de-sac every time, but there's also a playground, an abandoned house, a junkyard, a trailer park, a still under construction cul-de-sac, and a lot of stores. But that's just what we've seen! There's probably a lot more, maybe in the movie we'll see more of it.

So, Peach Creek us many things, it's where the Eds and Co. live, but more importantly, it's like a non-existing home to the fans of the show.

Ed, Edd, n Eddy and all related characters belong to AKA Cartoon and Cartoon Network.